Technics RS-BX501:  Unlike so many of the machines you find on auction sites, this machine has been completely stripped, cleaned, de-mag'd, lubed as required, speed and W/F checked and rep/rec lined-up. All parameters are well within the manufacturer's original tolerances. It has minimal head wear too (see image).


The performance of this mid-level 1990s auto-reverse deck is staggering. If I didn't already have several machines in my collection, I would keep this machine for myself! It features an auto tape-type line-up function to get the best out of any tape. 

This cassette deck was formerly used in a recording studio and had a low duty-cycle, but has had a remote-start circuit board fitted. This has been removed, but a hole has been left in the rear panel (see image). It does not detract from the face, which is in very good condition. 


Supplied with a mains lead and an electronic copy of the operations/service manual.

£50.00 plus delivery.

Please indicate your interest by submitting an enquiry here, with TECHNICS RS-BX501 in the top line.

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