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We usually have several events happening throughout the year:


​​​​​​Live presentations: 
















Reel Resilience will be at the North West Audio Show this month, 22nd/23rd June. We will be demonstrating reel-to-reel tape recorders and outlining our services to support the format.

Each day, Iain will be giving live presentations:

10:30 – A guide to buying a reel-to-reel tape recorder

11:30 – A guide to the reel-to-reel format: Tape, tracks, speeds, and EQ

14:30 – A guide to pre-recorded music on tape: new releases, vintage releases, and the myth of the Master tape

15:30 – A guide to buying new tape: What’s available? Where from? How much?

Drop into Room 145, on B.B. King Close, to hear pressing-master and direct-to-tape tracks from artists including Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Pink Floyd and The Beatles. Buy new tape and accessories for your recorder too.

Webinars on a bi-monthly basis:  

A 90-minute live webinar on a subject relating to open reel tape recorders. 

  Our next webinar:

Tools & Test Kit

DATE: 6th July 2024   TIME: 15:00-16:30 UK time







Keeping your tape recorder in top-form requires more than just cleaning the heads. These electro-mechanical devices need service and adjustment to give you the audio quality they are capable of: From the audio alignment to match the tape to the machine, to the mechanical alignment to make sure it handles that tape as it should.

In this 90 minute webinar Iain Betson of Reel Resilience plus his guest will cover:

  • Audio alignment tools: Test tapes, 'scopes, tone generators and measuring kit

  • Mechanical alignment tools: For the brakes, speeds, tape tension and pinch roller

  • Where to source the specialist items

  • Making your own test kit

There will be a Q& A session during the webinar and questions can be sent in advance to 

If you have Reel Resilience webinar membership it will, of course, be free and available to watch again. See below: "Viewing Past Webinars"


        To book, click this link

  Viewing Past Webinars

1. All past and future webinars, plus the additional reel-to-reel video based content we create, will now be available on a yearly membership basis.

2. The price of future webinars will DROP BY 50% to £5 (about $7) plus booking fee.

3. You will be able to see these webinars once when attending.

4. As a member you will be able to attend future webinars for FREE and, of course, view them, and the other content as many times as you wish.

5. To become a member the yearly cost will be £52 (about $60), that is equal to, £1/$1 (ish) a week.

6. Currently there is over 20 hours of content from the past webinars and other videos and this will at least double in the 1st year of your membership.

Membership is available via this link

Useful links to sites related tape-machines and audio:

Tapeheads Forum: A useful discussion and help resource for all tape formats.

Vintage Radio Forum: Similar to the Tapeheads forum but more "vintage kit" based, still a useful site.

Ferrograph World: Welcome to the World of Ferro!

Hi-Fi EngineTechnical manuals download site.


Hi-Fi Manuals: Technical manuals download site.

On-screen audio meters: A range of audio meter software for PPM and digital format meters. 

PC based tone generator: Not free (you can trial it for free) but about the best we have currently found.

Peak to RMS Voltage Calculator: Useful when service manuals give a peak voltage figure rather than the RMS one shown on a DVM.

dBu, dBv & Voltage converter: Useful to convert the figures given in service manuals.

Time constant calculator: Ever wondered what 35us or 70us actually means as a frequency on a Eq curve? Use this app to work it out.

Recording studio glossary: All those initials and terms explained.

An interesting read in Jazz Times on the return of reel-to-reel.

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