Tickets are now on sale for Webinar Number Four!

Open-Reel Tape Recorder Webinar: The What, Why & How of Audio Tape

All open-reel audio tape recorders need one thing to work: Tape. 

It's the software that runs on the hardware: No tape means no recording.

Audio tape is essentially a simple product, but surrounded by many questions  and answers as to its use.

In this webinar from Reel Resilience, its owner, Iain Betson, will cover:

  • What audio tape is made-up of.

  • Who is making new tape.

  • Tape formulations.

  • Print-through.

  • Sticky shed syndrome - what it is and why it happens.

  • Why "baking a tape" doesn't involve an oven (or baking) and how to do it.

  • Tips on buying new, used or NOS tape.

  • What a tape machine needs to get the best out of a particular tape.

Tickets are available here and we look forward to your attendance. 

The webinars we have run so far on lining-up the audio on reel-to-reels, setting-up the brakes and fault-finding techniques were very well received.

Videos of these are on the Reel Resilience YouTube channel.

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Hi-Fi Manuals: Technical manuals download site.

On-screen audio meters: A range of audio meter software for PPM and digital format meters. 

PC based tone generator: Not free (you can trial it for free) but about the best we have currently found.

Peak to RMS Voltage Calculator: Useful when service manuals give a peak voltage figure rather than the RMS one shown on a DVM.

dBu, dBv & Voltage converter: Useful to convert the figures given in service manuals.

Time constant calculator: Ever wondered what 35us or 70us actually means as a frequency on a Eq curve? Use this app to work it out.

Recording studio glossary: All those initials and terms explained.

An interesting read in Jazz Times on the return of reel-to-reel.


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