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We sell Recording The Masters

Reel-to-Reel Tape

with 10% off this December!


Reel Resilience, the Open-Reel Experience Specialists, is pleased to announce it can now supply RTM (Recording The Masters) analogue open-reel audio tape and accessories to UK owners of reel-to-reel tape machines, at competitive prices.

Find it in the Reel Resilience shop. Click on any of the images.

R34120 - 2 SM911 1-4'' 762M metal reel.jpg






1. The preferred way to contact Reel Resilience is via our enquiry form.

That way we can keep track of our correspondance with you

2. Or you can email us at

3. You can call us: 01332 501090 is the number and Iain Betson will answer.

It is appreciated if you could keep calls to office hours.

4. We have a Facebook page too: Reel Resilience and you can message us this way. 

5. Visiting Reel Resilience is by appointment only. Please use the enquiry form to arrange this.

We aim to respond to you within two working days.


CONSUMER GRADE REEL-TO-REEL: It is with regret that we have decided NOT to provide a repair service for consumer-grade tape-recorders. These machines are typically single motor mechanisms that use a combination of wheels and belts to provide the tape transport drive. They also tend to have a single record/replay head too. This business decision was not taken lightly, Reel Resilience would truly love to work on all machines, but resources and client expectations, as to the work that can be delivered for the cost incurred, and the value of the machine afterwards, simply cannot be met.

SEMI-PROFESSIONAL ("PRO-SUMER") TAPE-RECORDERS: Reel Resilience is happy to provide a repair and line-up for these machines. They are typically recorders that accept 7" or 10.5" diameter reels, offer 7.5 to 15ips record/replay speed and have three-motor transports, and were designed for high-end home, or light professional, use. However, prospective clients MUST realise that the cost of the parts and work required to bring such a machine back to manufacture specification, or refurbish the exterior, will most likely exceed its re-sale value by a large margin. Reel Resilience is happy to provide a report on the work done, so as to help justify a future asking price, but even this is not likely to re-coup the owner their outlay. 

About Reel Resilience

Reel Resilience is the dedicated support and service arm of AV Resilience for tape-based audio recorders. We service and repair machines for studios and private clients, as well as refurbished machines for sale. 

Service & Repair



Machines we have serviced - showing what we do and why. 




Refurbished machines to buy and accessories to compliment and keep them running. Including RTM reel-to-reel recording tape.


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Enquiry/Book A Repair


Use this forms to make a general enquiry, attend an event or book a repair of your machine.

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