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Repairs, service, machine sales, accessory sales and training are all services Reel Resilience offers to the owners of open-reel recorders. 


Open-reel tape machines are complex electro-mechanical devices. The transport, working in harmony with the audio electronics, to produce a quality recording and reproduction. When they go wrong Reel Resilience can draw on 30+ years of experience to diagnose and fix the issues your machine has.


Reel Resilience has the experience, know-how and tools to provide mechanical and audio line-up to any non-valve based open-reel recorder. Workshop and, by arrangement, client site visit options are offered. To make an enquiry please see this page.

Head Re-lapping

Reel Resilience uses one of the most experienced providers of this service in the UK, to breathe life back into worn heads. Head height, zenith and wrap setup are done at the same time, leaving only azimuth to be done at line-up. Contrary to the popular misconception head re-lapping is not that expensive.

Panel & Case Repair

When you want your machine to both sound and look good, then replacing missing parts, removing case scratches and dents is vital. Via an associated company, Reel Resilience offers a "cosmetic surgery" service for your recorder.

Machine Sales

We have offers of machines for sale most weeks, but it must be appreciated model availability and, most crucially, condition can vary widely. When you are selling a machine, for a nominal fee, we can post images and text on the site about it. The details of machines we for sale can be found in our shop.

Accessory Sales

As part of our service we are continually developing accessories to compliment the operation of open-reel recorders. See our shop for what is available.


Reel Resilience offers a unique service to owners of open-reel tape machines, the skills and know-how to keep their machines running. The first workshop offered is on audio line-up. See the events section here

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