"How much will it cost?"


Is a question that invariably comes after.


"Can you fix my machine?"

In short, giving a quotation is impossible so it must be appreciated why one cannot be provided. 

Using a motoring analogy, a tape machine is like a vintage car and whether it's a production-line family saloon or an exotic Italian sports model, all will have issues to a greater of lesser degree.


With the odd exception, the last open-reel machines were made in the early 1990's, so even the youngest ones are now over a quarter of a century old. From then, to the resurgence of interest a few years ago, if they weren't scrapped, many were just left as is, usually in far less than ideal storage conditions.


The fact that a machine hasn't been used in a few years is in itself an issue. Leave a vintage car in the garage, unused for the same amount of time, will mean, at the very least, rubber will perish and lubrication oil will dry out. Tape machines are electro-mechanical devices, a synergy of mechanics, electronics and physics. They will suffer the same degradation as that car.

Don't forget to factor in the time it takes to repair these machine either. It is  not like booking your car in for a service. What I can guarantee is that you will not receive your machine back, fully serviced, the next day (or even the one after that!). Current workload aside, sometimes it can take months to source hard to find parts and, even then, these could require further refurbishment work.

Whilst the proceeding may sound all gloom-and-doom, it is not meant to be. It's an exercise in managing client expectations. Tape machine ownership is fun and rewarding and with the market being what it is, once refurbished or simply serviced, like you classic car, these vintage machines will only increase in value, both monetarily and in the enjoyment they give back.

So to rates.

The first hour of any work is charged at £105.00 plus VAT and £70/hour plus thereafter. 

Parts/spares. Apart from most common parts, due to many items being sourced from donor machines exact prices cannot be given. Take a look at an online auction site to see the spread of prices asked for sometimes exactly (or almost exactly) the same item. If (usually when) parts are required a price will be provided prior to purchase. But, taking head re-lapping as an example, the typical cost for the re-lap and subsequent set-up back on the head-block of a pair of .25" heads is £200. 

Budget for  repair. The Reel Resilience charging policy is in no way to over-charge the customer but, at the same time, we know via customer feedback, the rates charged are consummate with the times spent on machine, the level of experience and the workshop support we offer.

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