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SM Studer A810 1.jpg


Studer A810:  This 2 speed (7.5/15ips) A810 is an ex-BBC machine that was taken out of service in 2001 after 13 years use by The Corporation. It was subsequently stored before being bought in 2018 by an archive transfer studio. It was serviced by Reel Resilience prior to this sale. 


It has been fitted with a BBC custom designed studio interface panel and internal amplifiers. The panel incorporates a mono LED segment meter and output fader. This panel, and the internal amplifiers to drive it, could be removed and the machine returned to the original Studer specification. 

It is being sold as seen with the trolley and top/bottom panels. It is located in north London.

To enquire about this desirable machine, please submit an enquiry here, with Studer A810 in the top line, enclosing your contact details, and I will pass these to the owner for them to contact you.

Any trade will be between yourselves, Reel Resilience has no part in the sale itself, but it is hoped you will consider us to service this machine for you.

Price: The final price is between you and the vendor, but I have advised them that A810s in this condition are now selling for in excess of £4000.00.

Please indicate your interest by submitting an enquiry here, with Studer A810 in the top line.

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